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Live Loud.   Shine Bright.   Be You.

What are Sparkle Strands?

Sparkle Strands are very fine, silk hair sparkles that are securely tied to an individual strand of your hair. Each shimmering thread lasts until you naturally shed that hair. That could be a day, month or even a year… that’s part of the magic of it all! While it’s impossible to predict, a couple clients have had a few sparkles remain after over a year! 

Sparkle Strands bring a little magic, a bit of light, and oh yes—lots of joy! 

As Hair Sparklers here in Central Oregon, we believe each strand represents your own inner sparkle and that always present light within you. 

We’re on a mission to spark more love and joy in your life, one strand at a time.

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We're available for birthday parties, women's gatherings, festivals, bridal and baby showers, conferences, and in-store events in Bend, Redmond, and Eugene, Oregon —or simply because your heart desires some sparkle.


Sparkle Strands spark joy. It’s as simple as that!


Private Gatherings

Are you looking to provide a bit of joy for your guests at your next gathering?


We would love to help make your next celebration one to remember. We work with you to determine a convenient location that best fits your needs. 


The special thing about hair sparkles is the magic continues on well after your gathering. Your guests can reminisce about their fun and meaningful experience each time they glance in the mirror!

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Private Appointment

Looking to add more joy, excitement and self-love to your life? 


Treat yourself to a private appointment with a professional hair sparkler. This intimate experience is sweetly perfect for a little self-care and love. 

The moment you leave a sparkling experience, expect moments of connection with people walking by, or friends curious about that special little glimmer in your hair.



Public Pop up Events

Are you looking for creative new ways to bring in and connect with more clients?

Host a hair sparkler for a pop-up event at your business! Similar to a private appointment customers can pay individually but have the convenience of walking-up without scheduling an appointment.

Catch Sparkle Strands around Central Oregon. Keep an eye on our events calendar and join us out in the community.


In Good Company 

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Feeling beautiful, loved

and special matters.

It’s important to

take care of yourself. 

We help add more

joy, excitement and

self love to your life.

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Get in Touch

Get in Touch

Sparkle Strands would be delighted to connect with you to answer any questions, and bring the sparkle magic to your next gathering. Reach out, we’d love to chat with you!


Check out our Booking page to inquire about events and appointments. Join our monthly newsletter to stay connected:

Proudly Sparkling in Bend, Redmond, and Eugene, Oregon

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