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Our Story

Sparkle Strands are the passion and creativity of Brianna Torres. Brianna is an adventurer, mother to Jaden and fur baby Onyx, connector and hair sparkler. She’s a PNW native who seeks inspiration in travel—exploring 46 countries, including a stint living in Ireland, Peru, and most recently Guatemala. 

Brianna loves being able to offer the Central Oregon community a piece of empowerment that she creates with love and intention.  She brings a fun, positive energy to everything she does. With every sparkling experience, Brianna  strives for each client to feel connected to their beauty and goodness. We are beings of light. These sparkles help outwardly express that light—and remind us of our own inner sparkle each time we look in the mirror!  It’s pretty hard not to smile.  

She is jazzed to connect with you about your sparkling experience.

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