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Common Curiosities

  • What are Sparkle Strands? Are Sparkle Strands actually tinsel?
    Sparkle Strands are very fine, Thai silk garment threads that are securely tied to an individual strand of your hair. Although they are mistakenly called tinsel, Thai silk is far from plastic and is luxuriously soft, high grade polyester fiber. Thai silk hair sparkles are able to withstand high temperature heat such as blow dryers and curling irons. There is no product that is real silk, as some have come to believe. Real silk melts at a very low temperature.
  • How should I prepare for my hair sparkling appointment?
    Brush that hair! Brushing helps to remove strands of hair that are on the brink of shedding making the changes of your sparkles being tied to strong, rooted hairs better. Overall brushing your hair increases the odds of your sparkles to lasting longer. Arriving with dry, clean hair is also beneficial as loose hairs that are at the end of their lifecycle will likely be removed during your shower. Who else loses a ton of hair while showering? And clean hair is lovley to work with! Unfortunately, wet hair or lots of product in your hair makes it tricky do our job as it's difficult to isolate a single hair if it's clumped together. Please refrain from hair spray and blow dry your hair beforehand if you just showered.
  • How long do sparkles last?
    Each shimmering thread lasts until you naturally shed that hair. That could be a day, month or even a year… that’s part of the magic of it all! While it’s impossible to predict, a couple clients have had a few sparkles remain after over a year!
  • How do you put them in?
    Sparkle Strands are placed in your hair using a tool similar to a crochet hook. It’s quick and you shouldn’t feel a thing as the sparkle is tied to an individual strand of your hair.
  • Can I brush or wash my hair?
    Yes, please do! Treat your sparkled hair just as you would your natural locks. Sparkle Strands are lightweight, heat tolerant and super strong. Sparkle Strands can be curled, straightened, washed or colored.
  • How many sparkles should I get?
    We recommend a minimum of 5 sparkles to provide enough shine. There’s truly no limit either, I’ve had clients with 40 sparkles in their hair.
  • Where do you get your sparkles from?
    We use original, authentic silk sparkles from and True Sparkle Strands can be washed, brushed, blow-dried, flat-ironed, curled, and colored over safely. Treat it just like your natural hair, no special maintenance required.
  • Where did hair sparkles all begin?
    The story of hair sparkles is one of invention, curiosity & sisterhood..... "The hair sparkle fad began among female workers in a silk factory in Thailand. The ladies there all decided one day to tie their silk garment threads into their hair. An American friend down the road from me was visiting her Thai girlfriend, saw the fad, and introduced them here in the USA. I am the inventor of the Pixie Pick, or mini latch hook way of tying strands into hair. I am a seamstress/designer, and wanted to tie strands into very short hair. I’ve shared this method with the world. The best strands are the thinnest. To test strands, gently pull on one, the sparkle should have give & stretch a bit." -Dancing Hands of FaeCraft
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